Terence Crawford vs. Canelo: The Greatest Fight in Boxing

Discover expert insights into the potential Crawford vs. Canelo matchup as Terence Crawford aims to face Canelo Alvarez. Dive into the analysis and strategy.

Terence Crawford is putting in a real effort to stir up excitement among boxing enthusiasts, all in the hopes of locking down a future showdown. He’s doing this by asserting that a clash between him and Canelo Alvarez stands as the absolute [biggest] bout in the realm of this sport. It’s a move to steer Canelo away from squaring off against David Benavidez and Dmitry Bivol; the opponent’s fans are eager to witness his face.

Given that Terence Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) operates in weight classes three divisions beneath the four-belt 168-pound champ, Canelo (59-2-2, 39 KOs), and has never dipped his toes into that specific weight category, this matchup would be more about business and generating revenue for the fighter from Nebraska before he hangs up his gloves.

Such a face-off would fill Terence Crawford’s coffers, enabling him to revel in a life of luxury, assuming Canelo extends a title shot at the 168-pound level—a privilege not yet earned due to Crawford’s absence in that division. The contenders at 168 pounds are likely to bristle at the sight of Canelo sidestepping his mandatory duel against David Benavidez in favor of a clash with 154-pound pugilist Jermell Charlo on September 30th.

Should the powers that are in the 168-pound category allow Canelo to engage with a fighter at 147 pounds, it would cast a shadow on the division’s integrity. Clearly, this wouldn’t bode well for those contenders who’ve put in arduous effort to earn a shot at the title.

As for the 36-year-old Terence Crawford, he harbors no intention of sticking around at 168 pounds to safeguard the undisputed super middleweight championship in the event of a successful showdown against Canelo. Should Crawford choose to remain in that division, he’d undoubtedly attract a slew of fierce competitors, including David Benavidez and David Morrell Jr., each vying to snatch his crown.

Whether Crawford triumphs over the fading star Canelo or not, those challengers would present formidable challenges if he decided to avoid them by relinquishing his claim to the four belts.

Terence Crawford’s Edge Over Canelo “I give Crawford all the credit in the world for even entertaining the notion of stepping into the ring with Canelo. But if that clash ever materializes, I’m in Crawford’s corner one thousand percent,” Oscar De La Hoya chimed in with candor. “People might point out the contradiction in my stance, and they wouldn’t be wrong.

However, it’s important to note that Terence Crawford is a big contender, well-equipped to take on Canelo due to their comparable sizes.”

“Crawford’s potency as a fighter doesn’t solely hinge on his punching force; he leans on his nimble footwork, swift agility, strategic variations, well-timed combinations, and most crucially, his astute mind. In my book, Terence Crawford is a far superior boxer when compared to Canelo,” De La Hoya stated emphatically.

In the event Canelo outlasts Jermell Charlo and commits to the ring against Terence Crawford, the question remains—can Terence endure the might of the Mexican sensation? It’s conceivable that Crawford might exhibit a slower pace in the 168-pound weight class, potentially struggling against Canelo’s raw power.

Unlike Errol Spence Jr., who was grappling with weight concerns during his face-off with Crawford, Canelo won’t be grappling with similar issues. This fact could tilt the odds against Terence.

Canelo’s Victory Over Jermell “Canelo will undoubtedly conquer Charlo. He boasts greater strength and stature. While both fighters possess an abundance of skill, Canelo’s physical advantage will prove decisive,” De La Hoya asserted, his allegiance leaning towards Canelo, a former charge of his, as he predicted Canelo’s triumph over Jermell Charlo on September 30th.

“Throughout the history of boxing, the larger fighter with ability has consistently triumphed over their smaller, equally skilled opponents. This tendency has been maintained throughout the history of the sport. Some may bring up the fight between Pacquiao and De La Hoya. But let’s not forget that when I got into the ring, I was a shadow of myself, exhausted by weight concerns. The challenge is noteworthy because Charlo moved up two weight classes.”

“In the face of Canelo’s unrelenting pressure, I wouldn’t be surprised if he secures a late-round stoppage,” De La Hoya concluded, his conviction evident as he spoke about the prospective battle.

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