Joe Joyce Next Fight: Revenge and Win the Title

Joe Joyce is on his journey to reclaim the title in his upcoming bout, filled with determination and redemption.

Despite seeking redemption in his forthcoming rematch with Zhilei Zhang on September 23, Joe Joyce still believes he is on a collision path with unified world heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk in 2024.

Joyce was defeated in six rounds by Zhang in April as he sought to solidify his mandatory position and create momentum toward a heavyweight title showdown.

At last week’s news conference announcing his October 28 fight with Francis Ngannou, current WBC champion Tyson Fury made the oblique suggestion that he is unwilling to resume talks with Usyk unless the unified champion lowers his demands.

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This could mean that the winner between Joyce and Zhang could get a chance to fight for the unified crown sooner rather than later.

Joe Joyce Next Fight: Revenge and Win the Title

Joyce is well aware of the implications of his triumph on September 23. Filip Hrgovic, who is currently mandatory in the IBF rankings, will be the next mandatory in line to face Usyk. However, once Hrgovic has had his shot, the WBO mandatory will fight the winner of Usyk vs. Hrgovic.

“That’s the strategy. It’s difficult. “You never know what will happen,” Joyce explained. “I’ll make it in the end. I’m certain.”

“Following the IBF, which is the next, is the WBO, to give me a chance. I’m coming to reclaim what is rightfully mine, including the WBO interim title. so I can keep going and win the heavyweight world championship.”

Joyce suffered his first professional defeat at the hands of Zhilei Zhang, and he acknowledged that he must approach the rematch differently from the first fight in April.

“If you look at my previous fights, you’ll see that depending on the opponent, I changed a little bit for each one. Since I thought I would defeat Zhang in the final rounds, perhaps I overestimated him.

says Joyce

This time will be different because I’m more motivated and fired up than ever before. ” He was obviously very quick and precise with his left-back hand and counterpunches.”

“I remained in the fight and was finding success despite the high volume of punches he was throwing and connecting with. If it weren’t for the eye injury, I believe he was beginning to tire out in the middle and later rounds.”

stated Joyce

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