Lionel Messi’s 10-year-old son, Thiago, joins Inter Miami Under-12

Discover the exciting news as Thiago Messi, son of soccer legend Lionel Messi, joins Inter Miami's Under-12 team. Explore how Thiago follows in his father's footsteps.

Lionel Messi’s son Thiago Messi has joined the Inter Miami Under-12 team in time for the 2023–24 season, according to the club. Like, now we have more than one Messi owning the field for Inter Miami.

So, this 10-year-old dude is like one of the 150 players who signed up for club’s academy, which is for folks from U-12 to U-19, you know? And guess what again? He’s one of the 35 newbies this time around.

Thiago Messi is like the oldest of Messi’s three kiddos; you got Mateo and Ciro after him. He’s aiming to follow in the footsteps of not just his mega-famous dad but also the six other homegrown talents who scored contracts with Inter Miami’s main team: Edison Azcona, Noah Allen, Ian Fray, Benjamin Cremaschi, David Ruiz, and Felipe Valencia.

Hey, here’s the scoop: Inter Miami’s academy had David Beckham’s kid Romeo and that ex-coach Phil Neville’s son Harvey doing their thing too.

So, while Thiago Messi starts his adventure with Inter Miami, his dad’s still doing the superstar thing with the main team. Mr. 36-year-old is on fire, with like nine games in a row where they didn’t lose in all sorts of contests since he debuted in July. And guess what? They even snagged a League Cup title!

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