Luis Rubiales Bejar is subject to a 15-year ban from FIFA

Shocker: Luis Rubiales Bejar is subject to a 15-year ban from FIFA! Learn why the football world is buzzing about this stunning decision. ⚽🔥 #LuisRubiales #FIFA

FIFA said it wanted Luis Rubiales Bejar to be forbidden from all football for 15 years after the Spanish Football Federation withdrew its support for him.

The 46-year-old has faced criticism for kissing Spain’s Jenni Hermoso after the Women’s World Cup final, with the player later saying it wasn’t done with agreement.

Initially, the federation supported him, but now he’s been asked to step down in a sudden change, with the organization stating his behavior was ‘unacceptable’ and harmed the image of Spanish football.

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At the same time, the Daily Mail mentions that FIFA is pushing for a ban of up to 15 years for Rubiales, which is the longest time allowed according to their rules.

Meanwhile, prosecutors at Spain’s top criminal court are investigating whether his kiss with Jenni Hermoso after the Women’s World Cup final could be seen as a sexual assault.

This investigation comes from Hermoso’s clear statements, where she indicated it was necessary ‘to figure out their legal importance’.

“In light of what Jennifer Hermoso stated publicly, the sexual act involving Luis Rubiales Bejar wasn’t consensual,” a statement explained.

Hermoso will have the choice to take legal action and can contact National Court prosecutors within 15 days to know her rights if she decides to make a complaint about an alleged sexual assault.

“For a case involving sexual assault, harassment, or sexual abuse to proceed, the affected person or their legal representative must file a lawsuit, or the public prosecutor’s office can take action,” the statement added.

FIFA suspended Luis Rubiales Bejar for 90 days on Saturday, just a day after he passionately declared he wouldn’t resign.

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