Jordan Henderson justifies his transfer to Saudi Arabia

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Jordan Henderson’s move to Al-Ettifaq in Saudi Arabia shocked many Liverpool fans, who had seen him play for the Reds since 2011.

The Liverpool LGBT community, which the midfielder had always supported, also expressed their disappointment and confusion over his choice to live in a country where LGBT rights are not respected. In fact, LGBT people can still face the death penalty in the kingdom.

Jordan Henderson addressed this issue in an interview with the Athletic: “If I wear the LGBT armband and it offends their religion, then that’s not right either. He said that everyone should respect the religion and culture of others. He added that he was still committed to the cause of inclusion.

He also praised the Saudi government’s progressive policies:

“You know, years ago, women or children probably couldn’t play football, but now I am here and there are many women and girls who do it, so things can change gradually.”

Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson has stated that his transfer to Saudi Arabia wasn’t motivated by money.

“People will see that this club has come with a lot of money, and he’s just left. Sure, I’m going. In actuality, that was far from the situation. People might believe me or not, but money has never been a motivator in my life or career. Ever.”

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