Luis Rubiales resigns after the World Cup kiss scandal

Shocking Exit: Luis Rubiales steps down as Spain's football federation head after his kiss scandal with Spanish striker Jennifer Hermoso during the Women's World Cup.

Three weeks after his unwanted kiss with Spanish striker Jennifer Hermoso during the Women’s World Cup sparked outrage around the world, Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation, announced his resignation.

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After it became clear that he was unable to perform his duties, Rubiales announced that he would resign on Sunday. FIFA had previously suspended him for 90 days while it looked into his behavior.

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Alex Ibaseta of DAZN translated Luis Rubiales’ statement, which said: “It is clear that I cannot return to my position after the suspension from FIFA, in addition to all the other measures open against me.”

“Insisting on waiting and holding out will not benefit the federation or Spanish football in any way. I made this choice after determining that my departure would help maintain the unity that will enable Europe and Africa to realize their shared 2030 vision of bringing the biggest event in history to our nation. ” I firmly believe in the triumph of the truth, and I will exert every effort to ensure this.”

During the celebration on the podium after Spain’s women’s national team won their first World Cup, Rubiales kissed Jennifer Hermoso on the lips. The uninvited kiss was recorded on video and broadcast live to millions of football fans around the world.

Despite pressure from sports leaders and the Spanish government, the president of the Spanish Football Federation rejected calls for him to step down. In an impassioned statement, Rubiales confirmed that the kiss was mutual, claiming that he had been the target of a “witch hunt” by “pseudo-feminists.”

Jennifer Hermoso and its players union issued a statement denying this. Spain’s on-field successes at the World Cup have been overshadowed by the dispute since players declared they would not play for the team again if the federation was changed.

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