Unbelievable! Three Real Madrid players arrested over a video

Three Real Madrid players were arrested after authorities learned of the existence of an explicit video that had been taken and then published.

Three Real Madrid players found themselves in hot water as they got arrested over accusations of circulating a sexually explicit video involving a minor.

The Canary Islands police sprang into action after the underage girl’s mother reported the incident. It’s a troubling tale where one of the players supposedly recorded the video and then carelessly shared it with others via WhatsApp.

None of these three Real Madrid players are minors themselves, and after some serious data sleuthing on their mobile phones, they were eventually let off the hook. The police seem to believe that the physical encounters between the girl and the players were consensual, but here’s the twist—the recording seems to have occurred without her knowledge.

Yep, you read that right. The poor girl maintains that everything was hunky-dory on her end, but she had no clue she was being recorded. Talk about a nasty surprise!

The dramatic scene unfolded at the Real Madrid sports complex in the bustling Spanish capital. While three of the players got the cuffs, a fourth player was under the police microscope, waiting to see what fate had in store for him.

Real Madrid themselves piped in with a statement, keeping it brief and cryptic, acknowledging that a total of four of their young team members had a little chat with the police. This chat, mind you, was “in connection with a complaint about an alleged release of a private video via WhatsApp.” The mystery deepens!

This incident shocks Spain, especially considering the recent controversy involving Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales. He made headlines by planting a kiss on forward Jenni Hermoso after Spain’s Women’s World Cup victory on August 20.


But wait, there’s more—Rubiales soon found himself ousted from his role and even had a date with the courtroom, facing accusations of sexual assault. The football world is indeed in turmoil.

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