Dana White talks about Brock Lesnar UFC return rumors

In the exciting confrontation known as SummerSlam, an exciting chapter unfolded when Brock Lesnar faced Cody Rhodes, culminating in an eventual victory for Rhodes. A rivalry that was simmering to an end. Unexpectedly, after the match, Lesnar sincerely embraced Rhodes, accompanied by a spontaneous show of hands—an impromptu moment oozing with respect.

While some saw this as Lesnar’s farewell gesture, the inside information suggests a different story. Reports indicate that Brock Lesnar is taking a well-deserved hiatus from the spotlight.

Intriguingly, a revealing detail emerged after the match: Brock Lesnar teamed up with a strength and conditioning expert in his training, a fact that was not lost on the interested fans who noticed a leaner look from his previous matches. When that was combined with his sabbatical from WWE and undiminished star power, whispers arose: Could he be preparing for a UFC comeback?

Faced with the hype, Dana White, the iconic figure behind the UFC, couldn’t help but comment on Lesnar’s in-ring appearance against Rhodes.

”Have you seen Brock? He’s impressive, isn’t he? mocking white. The man never disappoints.”

Dana White

However, White’s optimism does not extend to returning to the octagon for the 46-year-old former UFC champ.

“Let’s be real—Brock is gone,” White confirmed. “I never see him again in the game.”

Dana White

Back in the annals of time, let’s remember when Brock Lesnar last appeared on the UFC stage. After bidding farewell to WWE in 2004, Lesnar dabbled in NFL aspirations before turning to mixed martial arts, finding his footing in the UFC ring in 2007.

Amid the challenges of diverticulitis, Lesnar clinched the heavyweight championship. His first UFC retirement came in late 2011, but his triumphant return occurred in 2016, as Mark Hunt tasted defeat. Sadly, the legacy of that victory was dealt a blow when Lesnar tested positive for a banned substance, rendering the match a no-contest, and ever since, echoes of his fighting spirit have lain dormant.

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