Jon Jones disagrees that Stipe Miocic is the weakest at UFC 295

Discover Jon Jones candid take on Stipe Miocic's upcoming heavyweight title fight at UFC 295. Jones shares his thoughts on Miocic's age, courage, and the battle.

Jon Jones, that fighting maestro, has a gut feeling that folks aren’t giving Stipe Miocic his proper due as they gear up for their epic showdown at UFC 295.

Miocic has been out of the octagon since March 2021, when he had to pass over his heavyweight crown to Francis Ngannou with a knockout that came in the second round at UFC 260. With that hiatus and considering Miocic just turned 41, the odds aren’t exactly in his favor against Jon Jones. The same Jones snagged that vacant title by cinching a snappy submission victory over Ciryl Gane at UFC 285.

Listen to this straight from Jon Jones’ mouth on the OverDogs podcast: “Stipe’s got guts, no doubt. Courage in spades He might not be the youngest pup in the pen, but let me tell you, that’s a man right there.

And you know what? I ain’t exactly a spring chicken either. In the world of sports, I’m teetering on the brink, especially in the combat corner. But Stipe? He’s got honor, and deep down, he’s a bona fide man. Yeah, I know people are waving the underdog flag for him, calling it a David and Goliath gig. But I beg to differ.”

“I see Stipe as a sturdy athlete, plenty capable. And I reckon I owe it to the guy to give him a shot at tussling with the best fighter to ever grace the stage. At the same time, Stipe’s got a debt to repay and a date with destiny to step into the cage with the heavyweight kingpin. It’s a two-way street, my friends.”

Jon Jones

“There’s this sense, you know? There was a vibe that neither of us would be able to hang our gloves for good if we walked away without squaring off. I get where Stipe’s coming from—caught in the shadows while others hog the limelight. I admire him even more because he’s been sweating buckets, putting in the work. I’ve heard whispers from his camp. So, hats off to him.”

Jon Jones

Now, let me tell you, nothing’s etched in stone, but Jon Jones has been toying with the idea of waving goodbye to the octagon after trading blows with Miocic. And that, my pals, would be a downer for quite a few folks. Many would be disappointed by it because they wanted to watch “Bones” take on opponents like Tom Aspinall and Sergei Pavlovich.

Jon Jones, though, isn’t one to pull punches. He’s candid about his admiration for the Aspinalls and Pavlovichs of the world, conceding that these cats are truly something else. “Now don’t get me wrong, these youngsters like Aspinall and Sergei, they’re dynamite. I mean, they’re out there flat-out demolishing opponents before the first round’s even had its coffee.”

“But see, as the calendar flips, I have to view this as more than just a brawl; it’s business-savvy. It’s not just about puffing up my chest; it’s about cementing my legacy and making smart moves for my career.”

“And you know what? If the die-hard fans got these guys on their radar, that’s swell. But when push comes to shove, I’ve got to lock horns with fighters who get the general public’s heart racing. There’s always this new gun challenging the old dogs, and everyone wants to know if the old dogs still have some bark left. It’s the circle of life in the fight game, ain’t it? That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.”

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