Ciryl Gane UFC Paris Win and His Title Ambitions

Ciryl Gane Defies Pressure with Support from Local Fans at UFC Paris and Sets Sights on Another Title Shot: Remarkable Journey Unfolding!

Ciryl Gane sure left his mark with that TKO win over Sergey Spivak at UFC Paris! You know, he didn’t hold back when he said it all during his post-fight conversation with the press. “Bon Gamin,” as he’s fondly called, spilled the beans on the magic behind his victory and his mission to climb back up that title ladder.

Now, picture this: Ciryl Gane was inside that cage, feeling the heat, the pressure, and maybe even a few butterflies in his stomach. But guess what? He didn’t let that get the best of him. Nope! He shook it off and gave it his all. He admitted how his hometown crowd supported him, keeping his groove on track.

I ain’t going to lie. There’s some pressure, alright. It ain’t like shooting hoops or kicking a soccer ball. This is a whole different game. You’ve got these emotions swirling around—a bit of fear, a tad of pressure. But you want to shine, you know? Tonight, with that wild crowd backing me up, I did just that.

Ciryl Gane shared

Ciryl Gane Title Ambitions

He’s no stranger to the tough competition in the heavyweight division, with Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic leading the pack. Ciryl Gane knows he’s got his work cut out for him, but he’s not budging from his game plan.

Making a comeback like this proves I’m not going away. My mission tonight was to light up that stage because I’m gunning for that belt. That’s my race, and I’m running it.

Ciryl Gane declared

“Now, guys, look around. The heavyweight scene is on fire—a whole new era with some serious contenders. We’ve been waiting for that epic showdown with the two goats, and maybe they’ll hang up their gloves. But for me, there’s only one way—back to the title. That was my mission tonight—to shine bright and let ’em know I’m here to stay,” he added, wearing that confident grin.

Ciryl Gane might’ve stumbled in two title fights before, against Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou, but guess what? He’s got this knack for bouncing right back into the title mix. After a win like that, it’s no shocker if he’s knocking on that heavyweight title door again.

reporters post-fight after his victory over Serghei Spivac

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