Dana White Hints at Potential Tyson Fury vs. Jon Jones Cage Fight

Tyson Fury and Jon Jones verbally sparred, teasing a cage match. UFC's Dana White is open to a crossover clash.

The UFC shief, Dana White, has hinted at the possibility of a cage match between heavyweight champions Tyson Fury and Jon Jones.

Currently, Tyson Fury is in rigorous training for his upcoming clash with former UFC heavyweight titleholder Francis Ngannou in a groundbreaking crossover event scheduled for October 28 in Saudi Arabia.

Ngannou relinquished his world title and parted ways with the UFC earlier this year, all in pursuit of a big-money fight against Fury, who has expressed keen interest in squaring off against Jon Jones.

Fury candidly stated, “If the financial incentive is enticing enough, I’d gladly step into the cage with Jon Jones. The four-ounce gloves would only magnify my devastating power, a realm I’m intimately familiar with,” during a press conference with Ngannou last week.

When questioned about the possibility of this epic showdown, White cryptically responded, “I cannot predict the future; we must wait and see how events unfold.”

Notably, Fury recently disclosed that he received an offer from the UFC’s parent company to take on Jon Jones even before finalizing the fight agreement with Ngannou.

He elaborated, “This is an undeniable fact. I’ve received a formal proposal from the UFC, courtesy of [WME] IMG, to engage in a bout with Jon Jones. Frank Warren, my trusted advisor, is fully apprised of the situation, and my entire team is actively exploring this tantalizing opportunity. Jon and I have even had conversations about it.”

Should a clash between Fury and Jones materialize, it would necessitate the cage as the battlefield, unless the UFC grants ‘Bones’ an exemption from his contractual obligations to engage in boxing.

Presently, Jon Jones is immersed in preparations for his inaugural heavyweight title defense, slated to occur at UFC 295, potentially marking the culmination of his storied MMA career as he faces off against Stipe Miocic.

However, Fury, in a change of heart, renounced his initial callout of Jones, emphasizing that he is not a “cage fighter and that their encounter should occur within the confines of a boxing ring to definitively establish the ‘baddest man on the planet.

Jones, in response, acknowledged his inferiority in a boxing ring and urged Fury to get in touch with Dana White if he genuinely aspires to cross over.

In Jones’ words, “Hey Tyson, it appears Joe Rogan may have stirred the pot. While I concede that you’re untouchable in the boxing ring at present, don’t confuse that with what might unfold if you enter my cage. If you wish to settle these lingering questions, reach out to Dana. I’m here to assist you.”

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