Seth Rollins Shares Bray Wyatt Advice After Brodie Lee Passing

SmackDown’s coming up, and WWE fans from all around are gearing up for this huge tribute show. It’s like gonna be so massive that it’ll totally bump aside any other plans, all for celebrating Bray Wyatt’s wrestling journey. Matches gonna happen, there’ll be shoutouts to Bray Wyatt and his Buddy Terry Funk, plus they’ll roll some tribute videos.

And at the end, they’ll snuff out this lantern, kind of saying goodbye to one of WWE’s quirkiest stars ever. And guess what, a bunch of other wrestlers will show love on the screen too.

But hold up, Seth Rollins, the big shot champ, ain’t gonna be there. He’s like, “Nah, not my gig”, ’cause he got some smart advice from the “Eater of Worlds” himself back when his tag team bro Brodie Lee passed away.

Rollins is like, “Yo, Brodie was a cool dude, simple yet deep, you know? We had a blast together, he had these eyes that pulled you in, and his smile and laugh just made you feel good. We gonna miss him heaps”.

So, Rollins thought about going to the tribute, but then he’s like, “Nah, gotta be with my fam, you know?” He remembered this talk he had with Brodie on the phone after he passed. They were both not really okay, but they said their “I love yous” and all. Brodie told Rollins to hug his baby girl, and that hit him hard. So, he’s like, “That’s my plan, gotta do the family thing.” Big love to Brodie, he’s gonna be missed.

Man, it would’ve been rad to see Rollins at Wyatt’s bash, right? Like, the Fiend’s Tale ain’t complete without the Visionary. But check this, his short tribute video says more than just standing there silently. And that advice from Wyatt, it’s like golden nuggets for any wrestling fan.

Talking about Brodie Lee’s passing, it’s heavy stuff. He left us in 2020, due to some lung thing. On that very day, Bray Wyatt took to Instagram, pouring his heart out. He’s like, “Brodie, you were my bro, my partner in crime, we changed the game together. We fought like crazy, ’cause we were like family. This ain’t how it’s supposed to be, man.”

Bray Wyatt like, “What now? I’m missing your sarcasm and all. I’d do anything to relive our wild times. I promise to make your kid a champ when he’s ready. Hurts so bad, wish I could say bye. But you know what? Save me a spot up there, buddy. See you when it’s my turn. Peace out forever, Brodie.”

For real, this ain’t the plan. Brodie and Wyatt were supposed to be old dudes still wrestling, like those Rock ‘n’ Roll Express legends. But life played it mean, taking them away too soon. They’ll live on, but dang, it’s just sad, they couldn’t finish their stories.

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