WWE Payback Results: Review all matches and events

The night kicked off without any Kickoff Show matches, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. As the main event loomed closer, the steel cage surrounding the ring began its descent, setting the stage for an intense evening.

The crowd erupted in excitement as pyrotechnics lit up the stage, and the commentary team, consisting of Michael Cole and Corey Graves, welcomed everyone to the show. With 14,586 fans in attendance, the atmosphere was electric from the get-go.

WWE Payback Results

Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus: Clash of the Titans

The first match of the evening pitted two WWE legends against each other: Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus in a steel cage match. The NXT Women’s Champion, Tiffany Stratton, was spotted in the crowd, scouting the main roster competition.

The match was off to a fast start as Trish Stratus attempted to escape the cage early on, only to be met by Becky Lynch, who brought her crashing down. Lynch maintained offensive control, repeatedly slamming Stratus into the steel cage. The two superstars exchanged blows, but Lynch gained the upper hand, ramming Stratus into the cage.

Becky Lynch’s attempt at her finishing move was thwarted by Stratus, who countered with a near fall. The crowd erupted into an enthusiastic “this is awesome” chant. Stratus, despite her bruised forehead, continued to put up a fight, delivering a Stratusfaction bulldog for another near fall.

As the battle raged on, Stratus made a daring attempt to escape the cage, but Lynch caught up with her. Their struggle unfolded atop the cage until Stratus headbutted Lynch, gaining a temporary advantage. However, Lynch retaliated, securing victory with a breathtaking manhandle slam from the top rope.

Becky Lynch emerged victorious after a grueling 20-minute steel cage match, earning the respect and admiration of the Pittsburgh crowd.

Following the intense cage match, WWE legend John Cena made a surprise appearance as the host of the event. Cena, known for his charismatic persona, engaged with the crowd and shared his excitement for the night’s matches. He even announced that he would serve as the special guest referee for the LA Knight vs. Miz match.

LA Knight vs. The Miz: A Verbal Duel and Lengthy Battle

The tension escalated as LA Knight faced off against The Miz, with John Cena as the special guest referee. The Miz, known for his sharp wit, criticized Cena’s hosting skills, leading to a verbal exchange between the two.

Cena, eager for advice on hosting, sought guidance from The Miz, who offered sarcastic tips. The banter between the two added a humorous touch to the evening, with Cena eventually deciding to referee the match himself.

The match between LA Knight and The Miz lasted longer than expected. The Miz, dressed in Cleveland Browns colors (a daring move in Pittsburgh), stalled and played mind games with the crowd. However, Knight eventually gained control, delivering a power-packed performance.

The two competitors put up a valiant fight, with near falls and close calls. Knight managed to secure the victory after executing a blunt force trauma on The Miz, allowing him to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Rey Mysterio vs. Austin Theory: High-Flying Action

The Intercontinental Championship was on the line as Rey Mysterio defended his title against Austin Theory. The match began with a high-flying exchange of moves, showcasing the agility and skill of both competitors.

Mysterio, wearing a jacket that symbolized his rocky relationship with his son, Dominik, took control early on. Theory, however, displayed his strength and resilience, countering Mysterio’s offense with a sit-out powerbomb.

In the end, Rey Mysterio secured the victory, retaining his Intercontinental Championship in a thrilling bout.

Backstage Drama: Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton

Backstage, tensions escalated as Becky Lynch and NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton crossed paths. Stratton acknowledged her previous mistake of listing Lynch as a former NXT Women’s Champion, leading to a tense exchange. It was clear that the rivalry between them was far from over.

A Chaotic Street Fight for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles

The Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles were up for grabs in a Steel City Street Fight, featuring Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn against Damian Priest and Finn Balor. This match lived up to its chaotic billing, with chairs, tables, and trash cans coming into play.

Owens and Zayn initially dominated their opponents, but the tables turned when Priest, Balor, and Dominik Mysterio joined forces. The trio unleashed a flurry of offense, with Owens and Zayn struggling to maintain control.

In a shocking moment, Owens executed a Swanton bomb from the top of a stairwell, crashing through a table and leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Ultimately, Priest and Balor prevailed, securing the undisputed WWE tag team titles in a wild street fight.

In a comedic twist, John Cena made a brief appearance as his Southpaw Regional Wrestling character, Lance Catamaran, during a backstage interview with Damian Priest and Finn Balor. This unexpected moment added a lighthearted touch to the event.

Cody Rhodes’s Big Announcement

The Grayson Waller Effect talkshow featured Cody Rhodes as a guest. Waller wasted no time taunting the host city, Pittsburgh, and sarcastically praising Cody for seeking a rub from him.

Cody announced a major development: Jey Uso’s move to the WWE Raw roster. Jey Uso, a long-standing member of The Bloodline, stepped into the Raw spotlight, setting the stage for intriguing matchups.

Women’s World Championship Match

The Women’s World Championship was on the line as Rhea Ripley defended her title against Raquel Rodriguez. The two powerhouses collided in an intense battle, with Rodriguez targeting Ripley’s back to gain an advantage.

Despite Rodriguez’s relentless assault, Ripley showcased her resilience and determination. The match took a dramatic turn when Dominik Mysterio made an appearance, attempting to interfere on Ripley’s behalf. However, Rodriguez overcame the interference and slammed Ripley to the mat.

In the end, Ripley emerged victorious, retaining her Women’s World Championship in a hard-fought contest.

Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the World Heavyweight Championship

The night culminated in a World Heavyweight Championship match between Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura. The match was hard-hitting and showcased the resilience of both competitors. Nakamura relentlessly targeted Rollins’ back, but Rollins refused to back down.

Despite suffering a back injury, Rollins fought valiantly, countering Nakamura’s offense. In a gripping moment, Rollins executed a stomp on Nakamura, securing the victory and retaining his World Heavyweight Championship.

As the show went off the air, Rollins celebrated his hard-fought victory, marking the end of an incredible night of WWE Payback action in Pittsburgh.

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